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We specialize in the complete process of classic car restoration. The shop is designed to receive your classic car and completely restore it within our facility. We feel the best way to insure the highest quality is to have complete control of the entire restoration process.

1967 mustang rocker replaement

1967 convertible

At Back from the Dead Restoration shop we strive to offer you with the highest quality classic car restoration. We pride ourselves on the workmanship, details, and focus we put into every restoration project we work on. No matter what size project it is. We want every car restoration project to come as close to perfection as possible when it leaves our shop. We do all type of work from a total restoration projects being from the high-end of it to the small minor    projects.  For us at Back from the Dead Restoration it’s not about the size of the project it’s about the finished product and the best quality of the workmanship that we put into your car looks and the way it runs when it’s completed.

                   Are Customer Satisfaction is PRIORITY ONE

1950 Ford Truck

First Place Trophy Winner!

At Back from the Dead Restoration we know very well that every classic car restoration project is different, each owner is different, everyone has different budgets in mind, and what each owner wants in his or her project is different. One thing we know  is always true, it all about making sure that you the owner that it meet you satisfaction. When you leave our facility with your completed restoration project you will be very pleased with our work or we haven’t done our job. We believe it’s our commitment to total customer satisfaction that has helped our business grow year after year.

        The Love of Cars

Our passion is with any classic car. We enjoy each restoration project we do, no matter what the make or model of classic car you have. A classic mustang car is what you will most often find in our shop. However, right next to a mustang you may find a Chevy or a Dodge car. We put the same focus and attention to detail into every car restoration we do. Some of our past projects have been a 65 Mustang, 69 Mustang, 70 Mustang, 69 Chevy Camaro, 50 Chevy truck, 72 Chevelle, 55 Chevy truck and many more.

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1941 Pontiac 4dr streamlinner

1941 Pontiac 4dr streamlinner

1941 pontiac silverstreak streamlinner

We can Handle all Your Needs From Small Rust Repairs To full body panel replacement. to complete Restoration of your Muscle Cars Antique Autos, and Street Rod Builds

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