FAQ on Price or get a price Quotes

We are asked often if we can give them  Estimate or to Ball Park them a cost to do a project it is very hard to come up with a good estimate while the vehicle is not at hand.So trying to evaluating the current state or condition of thing like the (structural/operational/appearance) & not be able to talk to the owner’s to find out what the  intended or use for the car, developing a game plan for the projected or cost of the restoration is near impossible.

We will focus on three areas to make up A project plan

  • Written work plan
  • A complete tracking all things
  • Follow up on work done.

There are many questions that need answering on a project such as the following:

  • How many parts are we going  have to be replaced?
  • How many hour in time is going to take into locating and to purchase each of the need part?
  • How many rust spot does your vehicle have?
  • In what is the quality level of the parts be that are available like used, New Old Stock or a good used part?
  • Hoping that there is a reproduction parts are available what is the quality of that parts and how much work will it take to make our quality control?
  • Figuring  how long will it take to fabricate or build those parts that are no longer available?

Once the vehicle is to be disassembled and  all paint and under coatings removed we will work up a complete  plan of action for the project that will keep with the customer’s needs


As a general rule, the cost breakdown to restore the average 30+ years Mustang is 60% labor & 40% parts & supplies. Maine Mustang’s shop rate is $50.00 per man-hour, plus parts cost, shop supplies cost & related materials cost. A Mustang restoration is usually a sound investment, in that the Future Fair Market Value of a classic Mustang historically tends to appreciate each year rather than depreciate as a new car would. This is true because demand for vintage mustang remains consistent & the supply of available classic mustang is decreasing as the years pass.

There Is No Profit On Materials

Parts: We will charge you for the time we spent finding parts and specific materials on a vehicle project, however the cost of the specific materials and parts are passed through to you at Our Cost and billed to the Clients when ever possible with the original invoice sent to the Client.