Build Types

Types of  Builds

Here are some different types of builds that you may be interested in building?

  1. Original is a car built the same way as it was from the manufacture although It will be restored to a better level of quality then a production vehicle.
  2. Resto-mod is a project with a mostly stock appearing exterior, but receives a late-model drive train with suspension modifications for road handling and proper stance. Smooth lines with original or custom colors are an option!
  3. Concourse is a vehicle built the same way as it was from the manufacture
  4. Custom  is  know  as a 1949 and newer style body with custom work  to the drive train,  interior and the even the body being like custom paint work etc… This includes that old hot rodder look!
  5. Street Rod is a pre 1949  style and is usually built with many new parts. This project is custom-built for the driver to fit him or her specifically. Everything from mild to extreme drive trains being installed including the latest items, with many type of custom fabricated parts. Custom paint jobs with body changes are quite common.
  6. Super custom  is  a 1955 to 1973 vehicle that has been fully tricked up with custom suspension changes , body modifications or changes, interior changes to modification with what ever your imagination can think up!

 it up to  your own preference you can combine types. we at back from the dead restoration is  here to build your dream vehicle to fit your personal style.