Concours Restoration

What a Concours Restoration?

The following is a sample outline of what goes into a concours restoration.

•    Start with taking picture of every part of the car, looking for any visible original marking and documenting it all for the details for the car so that to get the car back to what it did when it left the factory.
•    Fenders, doors, hood, trunk lid, entire drive train, all glass, fuel tank, suspension, grille assemblies, all lights, and virtually everything that is removable is disassembled from the car to be inspected, and clean and looked over parts are tag and bag saying where they came from
•    Bodies are slowly stripped to bare metal, all the while looking for marking and looking at how everything was done up. Like what primer color was used and what type of sealer and thing, more picture the more the better

•    All sheet metal is inspected. Any deterioration is replaced or repaired with original factory steel.
•    Body is prime in a epoxy  primer back to the correct color that was found when the car stripped down
•    All suspension and steering components are cleaned and inspected and any worn parts are replaced. and refinished with the correct original finish and any marking found
•    All dash gauges, radios, speakers, lighting alternator, voltage regulator, heater fan, sending units (interior and exterior) and all accessories are checked cleaned before final assembly.
•    All brake lining is new. Rotors are resurfaced or replaced when needed. Master cylinders, brake lines, hoses and all hardware are inspected and replaced if needed. back to original
•    Seat upholstery, door panels, pedal pads, carpeting, are replaced as needed. Painted interior parts are repainted. to original finish and material
•    All exterior chrome from grill parts to rocker panel moldings to tail light bezels front, rear bumper are cleaned or re-plated if needed                                  .
•    Wheels are refinished new tires are mounted and balanced.
•    Convertible top, rear window, top boot, pads and well liner are new.
•    All weather stripping, seals and grommets are replaced with new.
•    Engines and transmissions are completely rebuilt. If needing it.
•    Universal joints, drive shaft, inspected and replaced when needed.
•    All four shock absorbers are inspected and  replaced  if need with org type
•    Exhaust systems but back to original.
•    Radiators cleaned new hoses and clamps are installed with correct date coded hose
•    Engine compartment is paint black
•    Body seams are sealed. back to factory look
•    Paint is not wet sanded original car had some orange peel look to them
•    Windshields and seals are installed.
•    Correct batteries, cables are installed.
•    Power steering units are rebuilt hoses and seals are installed.
•    Nuts and bolts, small parts throughout the car are inspected and are sent out for correct re-plating before installation
•    Window regulators and door latches are inspected, cleaned and lubricated.

As stated in restoration list upon final assembly, all doors, windows, hoods, fenders, trunk lids, bumpers, grille parts, etc. are hand fitted and aligned.

many details too numerous to mention are performed during this restoration process the goal is to get everything back to the way it was done at the factory from paint finish and correct plating paint over spray in the place it should be