Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

Protect you self with a car pre-purchase car Inspection

Now that you’ve found your right dream vehicle, you need professionally trained nose, ears  and eyes to make sure that the seller’s description is correct and truly right.  No matter what you have for particular requirements or needs, Back from the Dead Restoration Pre-Purchase Inspection Service  will  help.

We will go over the car to see what there is for problems by looking at key areas :

1  Arrangement  With the  Seller for a Date/Time of the Inspection

2  Research The Vehicle’s Specific Information

3  Travel To Vehicle Location … (Limitations my apply)

4  Do A Thorough Inspection Of The Vehicle

5  Establish what is an Accurate or Realistic Purchase Price

6  Pre-Purchase Inspection Form ,Certified Appraisal (if wanted)

7   Will Give You Telephone And/Or E-Mail Assistance

8    Plus….. Much More

When Purchasing a used vehicle it maybe very risky. When an excited buyer gets all emotionally caught up in the purchasing of the vehicle, they often miss mechanical, cosmetic, and safety issues during visual inspections and in the test drive. These problems are more compounded if the vehicle being purchased is in different located or in another city and it looking at being purchased before being seen in person. To end much of the anxiety and get an exact picture of the real condition of the vehicle, we will help you the  buyer by getting the  pre-purchase inspection (PPI) done before the sale is fully finalized.


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