Don’t Get Mad

Don’t get mad at me, when it cost you so much money to fix you car right because you had taken your car to a  cheap bondo and paint body shop to do your work on your car when it should of been taken to a restoration shop.   Now the car is all shiny looking but all the mechanical s are done wrong and you can’t enjoy your car  because they don’t really know what they where doing and ended up using  this and that or whatever they could find to put it back together or just leave it apart. Telling you that it is not their job to do that and they now have thrown out parts that they didn’t think was going to need again.

So now you got to have the car taken to someone that has to go over the whole car to see what is assembled wrong and what is correct.  So you end up paying twice as much to get your car done then if it had been taken to a restoration shop to start with and had the job done right the first time.


sealing and painting of the inside cowl area before welding it back together

here is a pic of the step taken to seal and paint in inside of the cowl area after doing rust repair to the lower panel





make a better firewall pad

 how to make a that aftermarket  made  firewall look more like the factory one

first cut pad

remove the black rubber save the jade padding

now jet three can of Napa 4004 stone guard  and applied to the top in coat let each coat dry before doing next one

will take three to four coat  but when done it will look like this( do remove all punch out needing removal before spraying)


now you have a pad that has the same type of sprayed on textured look as the factory pad did

some pic of pad  installed

nice shiny paint don’t make it a good car

new  paint job don’t alway make it a good car lots of time that shiny paint done to make you forget to really look at the car  for problem

 good looking car with it new paint

was hiding this mess of a repair job

platted frame  patches over the old rusty frame and over lapping patch panel on top of each other  

made up rail with no edge to be able to weld  the floor to it and a flat plate to cover up where they had not but in a toque box

What it should look like

Made up a jig to keep key parts of the mustang in the correct place

Made up a restoration jig for the 67 convertible mustang being worked on, we have so much rust that is need to be cut out of the car, So that it will not keep it shape. so but the car on a fixture jig keep the car in the correct shape and mounting points where they belong.

work goes on

well got the left rear frame rail repaired and the new trunk floor welded into place  three-day of work  of cutting grinding   then fitting parts into place  then weld parts in place then more grinding

Got Working on Right Side Cowl Panel

well got more rusty panels cut out and new cowl side panel in to place then work on cutting down cowl patch panel down to size to fit in to what i had cut out for rust once in place but heater box up into place to make sure the panel was in the correct place then tack weld panel into place next is to cut out the rust in the firewall and fit that patch panel into place

Lower Cowl Repair Driver Side

start with cutting out the rust part of the old cowl try to leave as much of the original panel as possible once you get the rust part cut out, we can move on to cutting down the patch panel. to the size that will fit into the hole that been cut out of your mustang old cowl   then clamp the patch into place spot weld patch in place  then go back and completely weld it up