Don’t Get Mad

Don’t get mad at me, when it cost you so much money to fix you car right because you had taken your car to a  cheap bondo and paint body shop to do your work on your car when it should of been taken to a restoration shop.   Now the car is all shiny looking but all the mechanical s are done wrong and you can’t enjoy your car  because they don’t really know what they where doing and ended up using  this and that or whatever they could find to put it back together or just leave it apart. Telling you that it is not their job to do that and they now have thrown out parts that they didn’t think was going to need again.

So now you got to have the car taken to someone that has to go over the whole car to see what is assembled wrong and what is correct.  So you end up paying twice as much to get your car done then if it had been taken to a restoration shop to start with and had the job done right the first time.